Create Your Own Digital Token

The evolution of blockchain technology and the ability to tokenize and trade any type of assets digitally have unveiled new opportunities for raising capital.

Deploy your own verified digital token and start raising capital today.


Three Simple Steps


1. Complete Application

Simply enter token and smart contract details. Our wizard will guide you through the rest of the smart contract creation process.


2. Install Wallet

You need to install an Ethereum wallet, with enough ETH funds to pay for contract deployment service. Learn more on choosing the right Web3-enabled wallet.


3. Deploy Smart Contract

Deploy your newly created smart contract in a single Ethereum transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, your ICO / STO is deployed, and ready to sell your ERC20 digital tokens.


create digital token

  • Fixed supply or mintable ERC20 digital tokens
  • Custom digital token name and symbol
  • 100% ownership of generated ERC20 tokens
  • Define token price and initial supply
  • Verified contract source code

* payment is made in ETH

Create Smart Contract

  • Flat rate or increasing price for sold tokens
  • Set crowdfunding goal and cap
  • Define opening and closing time
  • Protect investors with refunding
  • Verified smart contract

* payment is made in ETH


Q: What does ICO stand for?
A: ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. ICO is a crypto crowdsale where one party is selling their tokens to many investors in return for Ether tokens (ETH). Tokens being sold are typically standard ERC20 tokens. ICOs are used for funding of a project, a company or some other entity where sold tokens will be used.

Q: What does STO stand for?
A: STO stand for Secure Token Offering. STO's share similarities with both initial coin offerings (ICOs) and traditional securities. This unique crowdfunding strategy combines the efficiency of blockchain technology, with the legal protections found in standard securities offerings. This form of crowdfunding creates a safer investment climate for potential investors.Tokens being sold are typically standard ERC20 tokens.

Q: What will I receive if I buy Standard ICO / STO?
A: You'll receive 2 deployed smart contracts on Ethereum network - Token and Crowdsale contracts. Both contracts will be under your ownership and control. You'll also gain access to ICO / STO Dashboard page where you can monitor the progress of your ICO / STO.

Q: What is a crowdsale goal?
A: Goal, also known as softcap, is a threshold in raised ETH during crowdsale, which defines if crowdsale was successful or not. If goal is reached, crowdsale is sucessful, and ICO / STO maker gets to keep raised funds, while investors receive their purchased tokens. If goal is not reached, invested ETH is refunded back to investors.

Q: What is a crowdsale cap?
A: Cap, also known as hardcap, is a threshold in raised ETH during crowdsale, which defines the maximum amount of raised ETH. If cap is reached, crowdsale contract will stop accepting new investments, and crowdsale will be successful and finalized.

Q: What is opening/closing time?
A: Opening/closing time is time when Crowdsale smart contract will start/stop accepting investments. Crowdsale is open only between opening and closing time.

Q: What is mintable token?
A: Mintable token is ERC20 token which is minted (created) only during an ICO / STO. Every time an investor buys tokens during crowdsale, new tokens are minted matching the amount of purchased tokens. Only tokens minted during crowdsale will be released in circulation.

Q: What is post-delivery crowdsale?
A: Post-delivery crowdsale locks all newly minted tokens in the crowsale contract until crowdsale is finalized, which prevents token trading outside of crowdsale (on some exchange). This feature makes sure that token price is set only in the crowdsale contract.

Q: How do I monitor ICO / STO progress?
A: You can monitor your ICO / STO in the ICO / STO Dashboard. You can watch how much ETH you raised, tokens sold, list all token purchase transactions, and much more.

Q: Are contracts verified?
A: Yes, when you deploy contracts using our wizard, your contracts are auto-verified by a third party (Etherscan) and published on their website.